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Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are the keystone for many businesses in the digital age. Apps running on smart devices give customers greater access to company-related resources and gives companies the chance to acquire more business opportunities.

Devices that rely on apps, like smartphones, have become ubiquitous across all industries and markets. By developing its own offering, your company can tap into this seemingly infinite market and expand to reach its long-term growth goals in a much shorter time frame.

The next frontier

Mobile devices are to the world today what the internet was years ago: the next frontier.

In no uncertain terms: mobile app development & upkeep is paramount for all businesses no matter what the vertical. Virtually everyone is walking around with a computer in their pocket in the form of a smartphone, which provides companies with the exciting opportunity to connect with customers every waking minute. The most efficient way to make that connection is through a mobile application.

At Marten Apps, we help you turn your ideas into working apps, solve problems and give your mobile app the ability to be a potential game-changer. We don’t mean to brag but consider our team to be the top of the league when it comes to app development for iOS, Android and Windows. It has taken years to become a one stop shop offering everything from mobile application creation to full fledge app marketing.

The depth of our team allows us to position ourselves as an industry leader, the most reliable mobile app development company in the space today. Our team is deep and our developers offer an unparalleled level of knowledge of major platforms/frameworks used in mobile development. Our apps equipped to meet your project requirements head on.

The number of people who have become mobile-only internet users (people who access the internet exclusively by smartphone) in the past 5 years.


The percentage of mobile-only internet traffic projected in 2017…a year also estimated to have more internet traffic from Jan-Dec as all previous years combined.


The portion of advertising giants Google and Facebook’s advertising revenue is raked in courtesy of mobile devices.

Our services



We put on our consultant hats to help you fortify your app and business plans. We'll conduct a thorough analisys to ensure the strongest strategy before kicking off development.


Design & Development

Scoreboard - multitude of app experience and 8+ years of perfecting the KitelyTech team and mobile app development services menu.


Support & Maintenance

The KitelyTech team is available any time of day. Our days are dedicated to the idea that we are all part of the team and we won't leave you hanging.



Our work isn't done with the launch of your app. Our marketing team is here to help you build awareness so potential customers, clients and users can find and know about your app.

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